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April 14, 2006

What Does Google Mean To You?

I asked Justin Pfister what Google means to him.

Google, to me, is a company with the sincerest of interests but they don't live in a vacuum. Like an artist, painting with technology, they are pressured on a daily basis to loose themselves in the wasteland by taking a path that's already been traveled. Even their motto "Do no Evil" is turning against them.

About three years ago, I became really interested in the Google search engine and I started writing about Googleonia, which is about the time that Philipp Lenssen Blogoscoped me. Google was doing something extra-ordinary, the bytes of information dance throughout the Google ecosystem, linking to each other and growing into something else, like a flower or a butterfly. It's so intriguing to see and to experience.

Part of me realizes that the information tunnel that Google sees is where life is really going. It's the next dimension of the human experience. When I contribute within the blogosphere, I get a sense that a part of me is living in another world in another time and it's satisfying to say the least.

Although I don't believe that Google is the only company that is able to see this next phase of life and information, I do believe that they are currently one of the strongest voices yelling and guiding us to something amazing.. "Come on world, don't be afraid!".

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