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April 4, 2006

Simple Things That Make You Happy

Paul's Tips has some witty tips for people that feel unhappy or depressed.

1. Go out for a walk

Do so for at least half an hour. You'll be amazed how much better it will make you feel.

2. Do something fun that you haven't done in a long time

Nothing excites quite like something new. So go out and do something fun that you haven't done for a while, or even something that you haven't ever done before. Make a day of it.

3. Do something creative

We are creative beings. Among humanity's first achievements were artistic - painting in caves, telling stories, making music, preparing nice food.

4. Complete some minor chore that you've been avoiding

Tidying and cleaning a dirty room is no fun. But, the feeling of satisfaction and achievement that comes with looking at the result can really lift your spirit.

5. Get in contact with an old friend or acquaintance you haven't seen for a while

You've got their number or email address and you know you really should have contacted them by now. So do it already!

More at Paul's Tips site [via Lifehacker].


  1. Great, succinct happy tips!

  2. NICE!, Lovely picture, wonder what place this is?

  3. How to be happy?

    1) Remember everyday to thank god for giving you another day.

    2) Seeing that you're still surrounded by your loved ones, and that they're healthy.

    3) Taking deep breaths, really calming.

    4) Doing something for yourself. Something that you enjoy, that for some reason you gave up.

    5) Put down the cell phone, and other electronics and enjoy the outdoors.

  4. count your blessings...find 5 things to be grateful each

  5. grow fruit and gets you outdoors, is very rewarding and saves you money!


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