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April 11, 2006

Copy-Paste Data Between Computers

Using, you can create a URL that starts with (for example and type a block of text. You can also upload a file smaller than 2 MB and password-protect the page.

Why is this useful? Maybe you want to send a small file to someone and you don't want to deal with email or FTP. Or maybe you just want to save a note or some code. It's like your personal Wikipedia.

Live Clipboard
Google Base - your personal database


  1. I didn't realize only one person could download the file...guess that makes sense though because otherwise it'd turn into a free file mirror. I reviewed the site myself at

  2. i posted the same story at my site

    and i downloaded you file three times just to see if it would work and it did...and really you should password protect your pages, as you can see, i added a little snippet at the bottom, but i was kind enough not to pword protect itm so that you could fix what i put there.


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