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April 13, 2006

PageRank Overlay: Webmaster Eyes

Webmaster Eyes is a site that offers you the chance to visualize PageRank values for every link in a webpage. It's interesting to know what kind of sites someone links to, although PageRank isn't an absolute criterion for the quality of a site.

Webmaster Eyes overlays a site with small bars that indicate PageRank, in a similar way with Google Analytics' site overlay. If you click on a green bar, you'll navigate to the link next to the PageRank bar.

It's useful to use Webmaster Eyes with search results, sitemaps (to see PageRank distribution on internal pages) or not-very-familiar sites to see popular articles or blog posts.

To make it easier to access the site, bookmark this link (it's a simple bookmarklet that works in Explorer, Firefox, Opera).

Another way to use Webmaster Eyes is to install Google Toolbar 4 (Internet Explorer only). After that, go to, right-click on the search bar and select "Create Custom Search" from the menu. From now on, enter the URLs in the Google search box instead of the address bar and click the button you've just created. If you already visit a site, copy the address from the address bar to Google Toolbar search box and click Webmaster Eyes button. Note that the URL must start with [http://].

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  1. I've used Webmaster Eyes quite a bit, although the site frequently seems to be down. Have you come across any other sites that do the same thing?


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