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April 12, 2006

Topics That Don't Pay Well In Google AdSense

What niche domains have few competitors for AdSense ads or low-paying ads? Among others:

* files upload
* forums
* children games
* music lyrics
* poetry
* cooking
* comic books
* greeting cards

From WebmasterWorld.

The reverse of the medal:
Highest paying AdSense keywords


  1. There's more to Adsense than high or low paying keywords... Adsense is a huge player in the online advertising world and I believe any tips and guides are appreciated. Of course, while millions of publishers are running Adsense, only a handful are making serious money off it. As far as I’m concerned, the best way to make money with Adsense is to develop a website or blog on a niche topic that should also be something you are interested in. Hobby-related sites have the best chances of keeping you, as their webmaster, happy and involved, and this will soon show in the number of visitors and the amounts of money you make.

    Another vital thing to consider is ad style and placement. I prefer to use a similar structure for all my websites – one that was proven to work. I will share this with you as I believe in reciprocal help through free advice – I also learned A LOT from browsing blogs such as this and other webmaster resources on Adsense. Ok, so getting back to ad placement: I love the idea of placing a 120x90 or 160x90 adlink box on the left side menu of my sites, in the top left corner, just below the banner. Have a look at my website, and get more tips on How to make money with Google Adsense and look at the area below the graphic saying “Online money” – it will house a nice 160x90 adlinks box soon after my site receives enough traffic.

    The second good spot to place a 250x250 or 300x250 ad box is in the article text. Loose the border and make the background of the ads the same as your web background (same is true for the adlink placement mentioned above. The final touch comes with a final ad placed at the end of each araticle. Consider the article a path that leads to the final conclusion – exactly where the ads are. You can also place a small graphic image to the left of the ads, so that they are more attractive from a visual point of view.

    By using such an ad placement most of my sites get CTRs of 10%-15% all the time

    Give it a try and let me know if this sort of ad placement worked in your particular cases – I am also doing a study on this which I will eventually publish on my Google Adsense case study
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