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April 16, 2006

No Spyware, No Viruses

Get our free software. It doesn't have spyware, or viruses. You won't see pop-ups, your browser won't be hijacked, and your home page will remain the same. Our free software doesn't ask for personal information, like your name, your email, or your bank account. It won't even try to search for your email address in your documents or your computer's registry. As a bonus, our freeware won't send the list of the sites you visit to our server.

This great free software won't embed itself into critical components of your operating system and bloat your memory with its monitoring and collection processing executables. Moreover, it won't install other software on your computer without you even knowing it, it won't corrupt critical system files and trigger your computer to crash repeatedly.

Download it now!


  1. What software?
    Where to download?

  2. Very amusing, the the download link leads to nowhere. It's like this type of software just does not exist.

    Too bad, these days that is a "feature" in freeware, it should be standard.

  3. It was a joke. There are many freeware that boast about not being spyware.

    Their feature are less impotant. They are'n spyware. Isn't that enough?


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