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April 10, 2006

Webaroo - Search the Web Offline

Acer will begin selling laptops preloaded with 40 gigabytes of data, representing a snapshot of the Web. This collection of web pages was gathered by Webaroo, a company that develops a free software that lets you search and browse web pages offline. Webaroo servers crawl the web, analyze web pages and select the web pages that have the most content value in the least storage size and packages them into a "Web Pack". These packages can be updated with the latest content when the user goes online.

"People are addicted to search," said Brad Husick, Webaroo's president, and "there are lots of times when Internet access is inconvenient."

You can download Webaroo 1.0 Beta [4.7 MB, Windows 2000/XP, requires .NET Framework 1.1] to have great content about a certain topic in an easy-to-digest manner. For now, there are just a few "web packs" for: world news, football, Chicago, Tokio, Paris and you can also download a website recursively.

Wikipedia on your iPod

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