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April 21, 2006

Google Q1 2006 Revenue = 160% * Google Q1 2005 Revenue

Google reported a profit of $592.3 million on revenue of $2.25 billion on the first-quarter of 2006, an increase of 60% from profit of $369.2 million on revenue of $1.26 billion in the corresponding period last year. Google's ad-sales network had the biggest increase: it generated $928 million, or 59 percent more than the prior year.

Eric Schmidt, Google's chief executive, said the market share increase might also be related to the use of some of the company's new products, like Google Video, Google Earth and Google Maps, as well as the introduction of Google News in several countries.

These services attract people to Google's site, where they may also conduct searches, he said in an interview. "All of a sudden Google is top of mind again, over and over again."

"We are driving this growth through investments in our infrastructure and our people, product innovations that attract new users, and relationships with advertisers and partners around the world. The strength of our business model gives us the opportunity to invest in our business, allowing us to maintain and grow our market leadership." said Eric Schmidt in the press release.

More: PDF file with Google's financial results.

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