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April 11, 2006

Who Can Market Windows Vista?

Does anyone know a real reason that will make me buy (one of the too many editions of) Windows Vista? I mean, except for being long-awaited and many times behind the schedule, Windows Vista doesn't do anything impressive.

So what will be the new features that will meet the hype? The Aero glass interface? Windows Flip 3D? Too memory consuming. The new Explorer 7? I will be able to install Explorer 7 on XP. Better protection from malware? I can already have many good anti-spyware products. Desktop search? There are many desktop search solutions. The sidebar? Google Desktop has one. Windows SideShow? My laptop doesn't have a secondary display.

The problem is that after WINFS and a number of other "promised features" were gutted, we honestly can't think of a reason to justify actually spending the money on Vista. XP works, we like it a lot...and we don't see any reason (especially in a corporate environment) to change.

One of the comments from an interesting post on Mini Microsoft Blog.


  1. The thing is that there are no reason whatsoever to buy Vista
    Most of the features can be found in alternative operating systems at a much lower price and with much more security
    If people would still end up using it, it would only be because it comes preinstalled on a new computer and the consumer has to pay for it, not because the consumer realy wants it.

    What most people want is a stable, secure and virus-free operating system to do there work in.
    Vista will not be that.

    Will Vista be the choice for gamers then?
    No, because gamers want their games to work with at least average speed.
    Vista will not be that because of its system requirements.

  2. Download the Windows Vista Product Guide preview, just posted last night to a MS blog. 300+ pages of Vista features should keep you busy. :-)


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