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April 17, 2006

Google Wishlist

Google Blogoscoped has a Google Feature Request page where you can write your top 3 feature wishes.

What people want from Google?

* more reliable spam detection
* search within Gmail attachments
* integration with Reader
* voice in Gmail Chat

* cross-language search
* being able to search for parts of words instead of whole words
* support for regular expressions in search
* request pages that are under a certain size.
* search results in RSS or Atom format

* integration with AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo
* send files with GTalk
* record GTalk conversations
* voice conferencing

* Calendar sync with Pocket PC, PDA
* Mobile Calendar
* show Google Calendar within blogs

People also want: GDrive, better integration between Google services, updated Blogger with categories, cross-platform Google Software and a better translation service.

This list contains the feature requests sorted by frequency.

What do you want from Google?


  1. I wish they'd integrate an RSS reader into GMail. I'm not a huge fan of the Google Reader, at least last when I tried it several months ago.

    Also, the Google Calendar looks neat, but I won't have any real use for it until there's an easy way to sync it with my Outlook calendar. So I'm hoping they do that soon! :-)

  2. <I wish they'd integrate an RSS reader into GMail.

    They have a WebClip feature that shows the titles from a list of feeds you select.

  3. I wish google would have a research and developement department that allowed someone like me to be hired. I have a show stopping idea that I cant do anything with. I am a small business man that thought I could work my way into ritches but 10 years later I have learned my ideas are rotting in a box. My idea can be used by you to corral all the email in the world. Contact me if you want it. Stephen Montoya You have my information but just in case here is my # 505 410 7665...


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