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June 8, 2006

Synchronize Firefox Settings Across Your Computers

Google Browser Sync is a Firefox extension that lets you synchronize your bookmarks, history, persistent cookies, tabs, windows, and saved passwords across your computers. It's useful if you a have a desktop and a notebook and you want a coherent browsing experience.

During setup, you need to provide a PIN to encrypt information that's synchronized between your computers. That means the information will be transmitted to and stored on Google's servers in a format that can't be decrypted without the PIN.

Another extension that has a similar purpose is Firefox Extension Backup (FEBE), but it can also backup extensions and themes.

{ Via Google Official Blog. }


  1. I installed Google Browser Sync some time ago and have found it really useful. I use a PC at work and Mac at home and have had no problems syncronising between the two.

    Recently I have noticed an updated version of the extension. However, it won't load on either PC or Mac. Further investigation suggests that the extension is not available in my region (the UK). Any ideas why this might be?

  2. 3 years later and this software doesn't exist. The other similar solution to this problem is Mozilla Weave.

  3. 3 years later and all of these don't exist. Go to Chrome.


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