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June 30, 2006

June Recap: New Revenue Stream For Google

What happened this month with Google? They launched an online spreadsheet application that allows collaboration, Google expanded Picasa to the web with Picasa Web Albums. Linux users had for the first time Google Earth, while Mac users got an universal binary for Google Earth and Google Video Player. Google Video became more social with ratings, comments and labels and let you view premium videos for free. Google didn't forget FIFA World Cup and included the results in Google Search, created a gadget and a Firefox extension for World Cup. Google Search had problems with a Moldavian spammer, but they solved fast. Finally, Google launched the most expected product of the month: Google Checkout and tested a new kind of ads: pay-per-action.

Google Spreadsheets
Browser Sync extension
Picasa Web Albums

Google Video Player For Mac
Google Earth 4 (support for Linux)
View Geographic Data On Google Maps
Google Calendar viewer
New Design For Google Account Page
Google Video Adds Ratings And Labels

Pay-Per-Action AdSense
Google Video lets you view premium videos for free, but with ads
AdSense Test - Image Above Text Ads
Google Checkout

Google Search API 2.0
Google Account API
Google Checkout API

Search Google Searches
Billions Of Spam Pages Indexed By Google

World Cup results on
World Cup Extension For Firefox

Google Will Localize All Its Products
Google Lighthouse And Other Secret Products
GPS Google Ads On Radio
Project 02: Google's Secret Data Center

Product of the month: Google Checkout

And special breaking news: Matt Cutts is back from vacation.


  1. As always, a very good article about Google. I must say that your blog is very interesting and keep me up-to-date with Google speed-up. This kind of sum up should periodical in order to see the milestones of the developpment of the company in addition to the day-to-day evolution. Nice work again !

  2. I agree with Thomas Marteau. It's very nice, and it should be periodical


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