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June 7, 2006

Picasa Will Be Google's Flickr Soon

Google has released a special edition of Picasa for Joga, the football fans community created in partnership with Nike.

"In Picasa, select photos from your library so they appear in the picture tray at the lower-left corner of the page. Click on the "Joga Upload" button and sign into your Joga account. Follow the directions on the Joga upload page to create a photo album (or select an existing album) where you want to place your photos. Your photos will automatically upload to your Joga profile."

As Hermon, a reader of Blogoscoped, found out, Google prepares to extend this feature to the standard Picasa. So in the near future, you'll be able to upload your pictures from Picasa to Web Albums, an online space that could be Google Page Creator. For the moment, Picasa's website doesn't include the link to Picasa Web Albums anymore, but you can see it in the screenshot below.

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