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June 8, 2006

Google Subdomains

View the history of Google through its subdomains. Some subdomains are for new products, other are for internal purposes. You'll find many interesting sites like available only for Google testers, related to the Google Compute project or the weird related to the Google Wallet rumour.

The document is released under a Creative Commons license.

Download Google Subdomains
(104 KB)

*Data obtained from Netcraft.


  1. Erm, you missed some! ;-)

    Don't just rely on Netcraft for your results. Check my Google Subdomains post back in October 2005 for more.

    I try to keep the text file up to date as more are found too...

    (Feel free to add any of those to your file so long as credit is given :-) thanks!)

  2. Thanks for the tip. Your post is really nice. I'll try to update my PDF, but it would be nice to have a date when the subdomain was first seen.


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