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June 11, 2006

Open Source Shopping Cart

"Open Source means a lot, it gives you the liberty to edit anything as you want. Of course, for users that only want to double-click to install and use the programs as they are delivered it won't make a big difference.

The Linux OS, in any flavors, isn't much different from Windows if you only use it to navigate on Internet, read e-mail, type a text, edit images, play videos and print things.

I'm not saying here that Windows is bad, I'm only saying that Linux is really great and available for free with nearly daily updates.

Take a look (from

For Windows:
- Microsoft Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2: $279.99
- Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003: $407.99
- Adobe Photoshop CS2: $579.99
- Norton Internet Security 2006: $59.99
- Nero 7 Ultra Edition: $69.99
- Total: $1397,95

For Linux:
- Linux (almost any flavors): free
- OpenOffice: free
- Gimp: free
- ClamAv, Avast!, AVG and etc: free
- K3B: free
- Total: 0

Of course, OpenOffice and Gimp and ClamAv and Avast! and AVG are also available for free on Windows, but again (except for Avast! and AVG) you are using Open Source programs."

[ by Trek1701, posted as a comment to Will Linux rule the world? ]


  1. avast and avg are czech products, arent it?

  2. Typo:
    ClamAv, Avast!, AVG and etc: free

    You cant say "And etc".
    ClamAv, Avast!, AVG, etc: free

  3. I like that you added up the software totals. Most people can justify $50 or even $400 at a time, but added up--most people can think of something else to spend $1397,90 on.

    I hope everyone reading will download from (it runs on Windows too, of course, as well as Mac), and just try it out. Try the drawing tools, which are a lot of fun and include very useful diagramming tools (File > New > Drawing). Export to PDF and see how easy that is. (File > Export as PDF). If you haven't used, you don't know what you're missing. (And you don't really have a way to justify spending your hard-earned money on MS Office.)

  4. According to a zdnet blog, OpenOffice takes more computer resource than MS Office...(Double)However, MS suck...Therefore, use Google Office.

  5. If you are using Windows, you can still use open source software for everything else.

    My clients give me software that I need to run, and it only runs on Windows. I use as much other open source software as possible. I still can't justify the time and effort to switch to Linux, as much as I would like to on principle. I applaud anyone who does though. I do use Linux indirectly, as my web server is a Linux box. Yay!

  6. I have never worked on Linux. I have using only Microsoft windows. Could you inform me that in Linux what we can use the open source software?


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