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June 17, 2006

Top 5 Google Games

Who said you can't play games on Google? You can add a lot of gadgets to Google's personalized homepage, and some of them are time-wasting games. Here are my favorite 5 games from Google's directory.

5. Pacman (Pacman is universally considered one of the classics of the medium, virtually synonymous with video games, and an icon of 1980s popular culture)

Play on Google Homepage (this game makes a lot of noise)

4. Blackjack (Blackjack is one of the most popular casino card games in the world)

Play on Google Homepage

3. Solitaire (single-player card game)

Play on Google Homepage

2. Flickr Puzzlr (puzzle based on images from Flickr)

Play on Google Homepage (click on the picture to see the puzzle)

1. Google Minesweeper (the game has been rewritten for many computer platforms and is most famous for the version that comes with Microsoft Windows)

Play on Google Homepage

Puzzle challenges from a Google engineer


  1. You mean the video AdSense? This is old news.

    So what do you like to hear?

  2. forgot about tetris!, i`m really addicted to it :)

  3. Im in to racing,do you know any you can play? Im new around here.

  4. Here is another one based on google maps: http://www.

  5. Where's the game helicopter?

  6. Check the site on my name that is a Google Game Place LOL

  7. stay with bingo with more entertainment.


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