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June 13, 2006

Google Video Upload Status

If you upload videos to Google Video through the web interface (without the upload program), you can view information about them at Google Video Status page. The report shows if a video is live, it lets you edit the properties and resubmit the video for reviewing. For each video, you have the number of page views and downloads in a similar way to the AdSense reports.

The status page is not new, but I know some people that upload videos and then don't know if someone watched them or if they are still live on Google Video.

There's a new way to upload videos to Google Video: using the new Picasa, that has an option you can find at Tools/ Experimental/ Upload to Google Videos. The dialog is similar to the web form, but the progress bar from Picasa is really sweet, as it's always visible.

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  1. I understand why you talk about the new picasa at the end, but why do you talk about Google Video Upload status ?
    Is something new ?
    Because statistics & status are built-in the site since the start of google video upload, as long as I can remember.


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