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June 12, 2006

Change The World With Google Earth 4

Google launched a new version of Google Earth that includes some interesting features:

* Support for "textured" 3D buildings using models created with SketchUp, so that the images look more realistic.

* An updated KML format that allows sharing of partial information.

* Google Earth in French, Italian, German, and Spanish.

* Full screen mode now allows searching (press "/" to search).

* Now Google Earth is an universal binary, so it runs natively on both PowerPC- and x86 (Intel)-based Macintosh computer.

* There's a Linux version (available to download here as a bin file).

* Google Earth's index of high-resolution imagery has been increased by four times. One third of the world's population will have sub-meter high-resolution imagery.

* Google Maps API was also updated: you can now geocode addresses and use KML files in Google Maps to share geographic information. There's also Google Maps for Enterprise, that includes enterprise quality support and the ability to integrate maps into intranet applications.


  1. realist
    those are words

    realistical is not a word
    unless you are living in
    magicistical land

  2. From console got
    Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server
    Xlib: No protocol specified
    Went into Konqueror clicked "open in new window" and it installed.

    wordmeister, English could be a second language for trek1701, or worst yet he may have been
    educated within the American School System. Criticism is one thing, rudeness is another.

    Thx trek1701

  3. This it to mordmeister...

    Who exactly used the word 'realistical'?

    Douche Bag =\

  4. I used the word, but I edited the post. English is my second language, if not the third.

    To Trek1701: can you send me a mail with some screenshots from Google Earth on your Fedora?

  5. I am also new to linux and tried to install Google earth on my system (AMD64 running Kubuntu 810) using the above instructions provided by trek1701. When i typed "./GoogleEarthLinux.bin" then hit enter to install, it started the process, then returned "......No protocol specified".

  6. is this a corrupt file or is it not compatible with my system or something else?

    Thanks, Sam.

  7. File is fine. Message means that other users (root, in this case) are not allow to connect to the X server. Can be temporarily solved by typing 'xhost +'. So:

    bash-3.1$ xhost +
    access control disabled, clients can connect from any host
    bash-3.1$ su
    bash-3.1# ./GoogleEarthLinux.bin
    Verifying archive integrity... All good.
    Uncompressing Google Earth for GNU/Linux 5.0.11337.1968..............................................................
    loki_setup: Suspect size value for option option
    loki_setup: Suspect size value for option option
    Loading simple Config module ...
    Creating backend ...
    Loading socket FrontEnd module ...
    Starting SCIM as daemon ...
    Installing mimetypes...
    Installing desktop menu entries...
    Installing desktop icon...


    Cheers, Leon.

  8. Probably you are running G*.bin as root while logged in as another user.

    You run G*.bin as the same user as logged in.

  9. Error: "No protocol specified"

    You were probably running G*.bin as root while logged in as another user,in that case run G*.bin as the same user as logged in or use "xhost +" to allow anyone to connect to the display.

  10. Indeed use only "su" in a console, not "su -".


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