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June 27, 2006

Insert Pictures From Picasa Albums Into Gmail

The latest version of Gmail Skins Firefox extension, that lets you customize Gmail's interface, has a very useful feature: insert images from Picasa web albums into Gmail. The dialog that lets you choose the picture is very nice and fast (it was made by Google for another purpose). Another thing to know is that Gmail Skins doesn't embed pictures from Picasa web albums, it just puts links to the images on the web.

Picasa Albums In Gmail

Another interesting feature is that you can insert gadgets from Google Personalized Homepage. The extension shows only the first gadgets from your Personalized Homepage (I can see only the the first two), but in a future version you'll be able to choose the gadgets. Google Reader and Google Calendar gadgets are probably the best choices.

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  1. You can choose the gadgets (they just have to be moved in to the left column of your page.

    You should also be able to insert the image straight in to your email. It might be that the recieving mail client is not displaying the images?


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