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June 20, 2006

Yahoo Messenger 8 Lets You Add Plug-ins

Yahoo Messenger 8 Beta adds more features to the over-bloated interface. If you look closely at the screenshot (click to enlarge), you'll barely see the contacts. On the other hand, the plug-ins that replace the tabs are quite visible.

The plug-ins can be built using JavaScript and Flash on top of Yahoo! Messenger Plug-in SDK. Plug-ins run in the main Messenger window, or as part of an IM conversation. Yahoo Messenger includes 3 plug-ins: Yahoo 360 (Yahoo's social network), Yahoo Answers and Launchcast, but you can add more from the gallery.

Yahoo invites developers to "create plug-ins that are as simple as an HTML web page, or as sophisticated as a map collaboration tool that uses ActiveX, Flash, DHTML, AJAX or any other browser-based technology."

There's also a new shortcut: Windows Key + Y that shows the main window of the Messenger and lets you type the name of a contact (or the first letters as it auto-completes) you want to talk to.

Plus a new message under the status: "Microsoft LCS Status". Is this a sign of Yahoo Messenger - Live Messenger interoperability?

Download Yahoo Messenger 8 from Softpedia (direct link to setup, no bundles) or Yahoo.

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  1. I have always used the view dialog in YIM to hide all elements , but my contact list.


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