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June 30, 2006

Google Page Creator Supports Javascript

Google Page Creator, the service that lets you create and publish static web pages hosted by Google, lets you embed Javascript code in the pages. You just have to go to a editable area, click "Edit HTML" and type your script. That means you can include in your pages AdSense, Analytics code, Ajax and other interactive features.

Until now, users had to create HTML files offline and upload them in Page Creator, which was pretty difficult, especially if we think that the service wants to let you "build high-quality web pages without having to learn HTML or use complex software".

Add gadgets to Google Page Creator


  1. Well now i never even tried to add javascript into my pages before.
    I never thought it would work after i done some floating tables and they got removed :|
    I have already created a couple pages in the Files area using javascript anyway.. oh well haha.

    It also support iframe as well now, good stuff!
    Style tags are also allowed now, wow this is just so great!
    And the floating table didnt die either, fantastic!
    Google Pages is 10x better now!
    Thanks for posting this, i would have never found out.

  2. I personally don't like to use javascript. In my opinion it is just to much work.

    But i am glad it works for you Kris.

  3. i personally don't like to build robots. in my opinion it is just two much work.

    everything by hand!

  4. i don't think all javscript worls


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