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June 22, 2006

Ads On Google Video

Google will start to include ads on Google Video this week, reports InfoWorld. Google will display an image ad for the duration of a video and a video ad after the clip ends for premium videos you would normally pay to view.

The test will run for a week: only 2,000 videos from important providers will have ads and only 5 advertisers will have ads on Google Video.

It's obvious that Google will integrate ads from Video AdSense into Google Video, as they share the same interface and distribution. The good thing is that the ad will be displayed after the video ends, and not before playing it, like most other video services. The bad thing is that the video ad is not a separate video, it's part of the video you are watching.

Update: here's the link to watch premium videos for free (including Charlie Rose, Felix the Cat and wrestling videos).

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