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June 23, 2006

Think A Different Operating System

You can't install all the operating systems out there. You don't have the time, the energy, the money or the motivation. I mean, your XP seems to work just fine. Why would you install a Linux distribution? And what Linux distribution?

There is a site called that has screencasts from many operating systems, including Ubuntu, Fedora, SUSE, Debian, OpenBSD and Vista. For some of them, you can see the setup, for others the desktop and some basic applications. It's really nice to sit down and compare all these operating systems. Maybe this way you'll decide what Linux distribution you'll install.

Missing from this party are the old versions of Windows (but you probably know them), Mac and Google Operating System (who is not yet ready to be launched).

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  1. Are Google actually making an OS, or is it a rumour?

    I have a feeling it's a rumour, but please enlighten me!

  2. Google is in the process of creating an online operating system. They develop a lot of web applications that will finally replace (at least partially) desktop applications.

    Gmail - the mail client, Spreadsheets - future replacement for Excel, Writely - word processing, Picasa Web Albums - photos management (in the future, you won't need Picasa desktop client).

    While a full online operating system is not quite possible now, Google OS will let you store your documents, photos, videos, share them with friends, organize, access and edit them from your browser.

    So don't think about an operating system like Windows.

  3. Ah I see, so similar to what Microsoft is trying to attempt with Windows Live?

    I always thought Google would possibly build their own OS on top of a Linux distro, bundled with their apps, rather than having a web-based "OS".


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