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June 6, 2006

Google Spreadsheets Screenshots

google spreadsheets error

If you didn't get your invitation for Google Spreadsheets, try this link. It's what I got in my invitation and it can be used by anyone.

You can find some screenshots on Flickr. Most of them show the product works really bad: I tried to import two very simple Excel files, and both had problems. Google Spreadsheets treated them as read-only files. The product is very slow, it's very hard to use (you can barely select a row or a set of columns) and has really basic features.

All in all, this is the most unpolished Google product I've ever tried, it looks like a pre-alpha application.

Philipp Lenssen has a different opinion:
"Google Spreadsheet usability is quite good. As ever so often, this is a Google product with no ads so far (ads might be on the horizon, of course); it’s more a tool than a site, clearly fitting into the growing array of Google OS products. The only thing I really missed so far was right-clicking rows to apply formatting changes or to copy & paste text."


  1. I really have to disagree with you. I would have to say that, from my experience using the program, it is very polished and very well developed.

    I have used it several times today, uploading Excel files, editing, formatting, etc. and have had no problems at all. It is very fast, responsive and is just like using Excel.

    I actually like this better than Excel in some areas, such as formatting.

  2. I am with him here, everyone has said it's so marvelous, yet I've found several bugs and other issues with it, at least convenient ways to do things aren't there.. yes it's an alternative to excel, but it's a really really annoying one

    don't know how to write what i am thinking

  3. I'm going to have to also disagree with you, as long as you don't have macros running in your spreadsheets I was able to import some pretty complicated sheets. There is no drag and extend formula feature or borders, but if you can get used to that its well done. Right click would be great to have soon.

  4. Is there any invitation available other than Google?

  5. I am using and I really like it. But I tried to upload an Excel file, and didn´t work properly. All in all, I am very excited with this new application. Seams that things are running fast to Google create the web softwares.

  6. Everything seemed to work fine for me. It was very responsive, and importing/exporting was flawless. But compared to other Google interfaces, I am very disappointed with this.

  7. Apart from the slowness - may be related to my bandwidth connection, it does what it says.

    Simple spreadsheet for simple stuff but I suspect that the feature list will grow over the time.

    I have one wish to ask for ; please include some basic graph stuff.


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