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June 19, 2006

Google Will Localize All Its Products

PC World reports that Google wants to localize all its products and soon, if possible ahead of the competition.

"Internet users outside of the US may soon be able to access all of Google's products, many of which are currently available only in limited regions, if an executive search by the company is successful.

The University of Limerick, in the west of Ireland, has been asked by Google and an executive search firm to help find an experienced localization guru to head up an initiative to internationalize all of Google's products."

Google has 112 international domains so it's not a trivial task, but that will make many people happy. And it will bring many new users.


  1. I believe its "Google" not "Googe"

  2. Thank you. I've changed the title and that also changes the permalink. So I'm sorry for the 404's you'll see when trying to access the old URL.

    Maybe someone knows a hack for Blogger so that when you change the title, the permalink stays the same.

  3. Hello, we want to localize blogger, or all Google product to Vietnamese!So where can I contact to have the permission???Someone help me pls!!!


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