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June 8, 2006

Google World Cup Results (Exclusive)

As reported earlier, Google Search includes news about the football matches at FIFA World Cup 2006. If you search for [Germany Costa Rica], which is the opening match, you'll see the date of the game. Google will show real time results and other interesting data, including videos. Other queries to try: [Brazil football], [US soccer], [Poland FIFA], [Japan World Cup], [World Cup].

Update: there's also a module you can add to Google Personalized Homepage.

Also the default Google Personalized Homepage (that is, the page you see without being signed in) was update with a lot of football content for many localized versions, including England, France, Germany, Brazil. You get the previous World Cup module, news about World Cup and football videos from Google Video. Google will feature videos from FIFA World Cup. Some of them can be found at World Cup Fever.

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  1. As well as in the Dutch version:


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