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June 20, 2006

Windows Live Messenger Out Of Beta

The same day when Yahoo Messenger 8 Beta launched, Windows Live Messenger came out of beta. Is this a coincidence?

Let's install the software. If you do that, you'll see there are a lot of opt-out options and bundles.

You'll also notice that Live Messenger cloned Yahoo Messenger interface. If Yahoo has Launchcast, Microsoft has Rhapsody Radio (but you have to pay for it). Both have an ad and a search bar at the bottom of the window.

So what's new in Windows Live Messenger?

* Live folders - share files with your contacts and synchronize the updates.

* Live contacts - update your contact card and it updates for everyone you want it to.

* PC-to-PC calling.

* PC-to-phone calls: sign up for service with Verizon.

* Video calling: 640x480 videos.

* Live Messenger will offer users a sneak-peak at the upcoming Walt Disney movie release "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dean Man's Chest," as well as an online video game based on the movie.

Live Messenger will replace MSN Messenger, that will still be available for users that have older versions of Windows.

Yahoo Messenger - Live Messenger interoperability is not yet available.

You can see a video that shows the new features of the Live Messenger and they are described by a member of Live Messenger team.

Download Windows Live Messenger (15.3 MB, requires Windows XP).


  1. Why does that advert have to be so big? And does anyone use the tabs?

    I do like the look of WLM, but I really can't bring myself to use it until i can patch it to get rid of all the annoying ads, and search boxes everywhere. I tried the Beta for a while, but found myself back using a patched msn 7.5 soon after.

    I turn off tabs, get rid of all those annoying yellow boxes and stuff whenever i go to a computer with msn on it. Its all clutter.

  2. 2 harryc
    You can patch WLM the same way as you did it with msn 7.5 :)

  3. It's not out of beta yet. Just look at

    Also, look out for the "Windows Live Messenger 8.0 BETA" item in the menu.

  4. Thanks for the tip mate.

    Goodwill on the it.

  5. ive heard that windows live beta 8.0 messenger is soon to be no longer available for non paying customers. can anyone confirm this....also when i select a font in the text box.. the font changes back to Arial font when i click return or enter ... can anyone help ???


  6. Windows Live Messenger is and will always be free. Actually, there are very few IM clients that cost you money. You can't sell something that's available for free from your competition (AOL, Yahoo), without losing your users.

  7. you allready pay for msn with the ads that they display at the bottom.. they may make you pay to remove those ads otherwise it will never cost money!!

  8. how come i can't install it...neither can i delete it...whats up with that?


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