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June 12, 2006

Windows Live Reader

It's not a product that tries to compete with Google Reader. Windows Live Reader, codenamed MSReadr, aggregates news about Windows Live products (mainly Live Search, Live Mail, OneCare) from the growing list of their blogs.

Nial Kennedy says "this project was created on a Sunday evening without the approval or blessing of Microsoft" using Planet feed aggregator.

Windows Live is Microsoft's response to Google's web applications and tries to be an online extension for Windows Vista.

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  1. Is that really a MS website? Poor design.

  2. this is NOT a Microsoft-project and it tries NOT to compete with Google Reader.

    it's nothing more than a simple rss-planet as we know it from mozilla and others.

    please correct that.

    (although I would like them to join the game :))

  3. the url points to an unknown domain.


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