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June 28, 2006

Google Purchases Almost Ready

In a couple of hours, Google Checkout (also known as Google Purchases, GBuy and Google Wallet) will go live. Until then Google has problems with the redirects and it shows some interesting errors, including a reference to a Google subdomain available only for Google employees:

Google Checkout will be available at

Update: Google managed to update the personal account page for everyone. Google Checkout still redirects to this page.

Update 2: The name of the service will be Google Checkout. I updated the post with the new name.


  1. Wow, seems like Google's really got it going! I wonder, though, if they're launching a job search service soon. Just think it's gonna be a lot of help.

  2. Is "purchases" to be the final name. As of this Actually I think purchases is a better name, but still not sure it's as appealing a name to potential customers as "Paypal".

  3. Oops sorry about that last post. Something went wrong! What I was trying to say was - Is purchases to be the final name? As of this morning I thought it was to be GBuy!

    Purchases is a better name, but I still think it lacks the appeal of Paypal.

    Anyway, I was trying to link to this post, about why GBuy (IMHO) sucks as a name for the service.