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June 27, 2006

AdSense Test - Image Above Text Ads

Sankar Anand, a regular reader of this blog, noticed a strange AdSense ad on his site.

On top of the text ads, there is a small image, unrelated to the subject of the ads, that just wants some attention. This seems to be an experiment made to increase the visibility of the ads.

Google allows webmasters to put images above AdSense ads as long as there is a border that demarcates the images.

You can see the whole ad if you click on the image.

Video AdSense
Pay-Per-Action AdSense


  1. hrm.. i liked adsense because there were _no_ images.

  2. I think this ad images are a bit intrusive... the great thing about adsense is that they do not occupy lots of space and they do not change the appareance of your blog...

  3. On my dog site and my scooter site, an image of a black cat is shown verry often, for over 3 weeks already.

    Does this mean something ? Maybe my site has a panelty? In some cultures this means "bad luck", and it's not relevant to my sites.

    In The Netherlands, the origine of the sites, it means to be careful (if you beleve in it, but everyone knows it).


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