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June 20, 2006

Crazypack - Collection Of Portable Software

Crazypack is a collection of essential portable* software designed to be included on a small USB drive. It only occupies 12MB and includes:

* Opera 9
* Google Talk instant messenger
* Small CD Writer
* Steganos LockNote, that saves notes and encrypts them
* PuTTY, a free implementation of Telnet and SSH
* A very nice launcher, that lets you select the program you want to launch, indexes the programs in Start Menu and gives information about the system (CPU, memory, HD space, display).

Although the selection of programs in this collection is subjective, the nice about this package is that you can include any portable program you want. Just save it in a subfolder of the usb folder and include an entry in PStart.xml file.

You can find many other portable applications at Wikipedia.

* A portable application is a computer program that doesn't need a setup to be installed. It can be stored on a removable storage such as a USB flash drive and used on multiple computers.


  1. Hi, does this come in Mac or is their an equivalent?

  2. Hi, if you want to find Mac OS X
    prtoable applications, look at - no english site,
    but easy to find max stuff.

  3. The download link is "". Chrome cries foul at that domain. Where else can I get it?


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