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July 12, 2006

Google Maps Humiliates Valletta

The Register discovered that Google Maps doesn't know the location of Valletta, the capital of Malta. Google shows the location of the historic fortress city, in the Mediterranean Sea. Google Earth doesn't know the exact location either. Maybe Google Maps should have a collaborative tool to let the users report errors on the map.

On a brighter note, Google Maps improves zoom.

* Explanation for the title: the official name the Order of Saint John gave to the city was Humilissima Civitas Valletta - a city bound to humility. (from Wikipedia)


  1. Google knows the exact location, have you switch to the satellite view? Yeah, there it is.

  2. And I remember that we were already speaking about that (on Google Blogoscoped ?) when Google launched Google Maps for Europe ;-)

  3. Sadly Google Maps is full of errors. In my part of the world (Highgate, London), Google Maps incorrectly names many of the roads (some of them major routes).

  4. I can find my house (kinda close) if I use the old house # (they changed about 4-5 yrs ago) but the new number is NOT even close (like 5 miles off but on the same road)

  5. simply do THIS:
    and you can see Valetta now!

  6. "Humilissima Civitas" in English is 'Humble City'...thus the word "humilissima" does not stand for "humility" as was stated!


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