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July 13, 2006

Google Audio Ads - One Step Closer

TechToolBlog reports that Google started to send surveys about the new AdSense Audio initiative. Google AdSense Audio would enable people with a $200 budget to break into radio advertising, making targeted and area advertising via radio, IPTV and podcast more effective and viable for smaller businesses.

Google intends to put advertisers in touch with production agencies that create radio ads. That would be something new for Google, since the text ads didn't require a professional company to write the copy.

This technology tries to "simplify the sales process, scheduling, delivery and reporting of radio advertising". It also provides targeted advertising and easier to implement local ads.

AdSense Audio: Advertising For Radios
GPS Google ads on radio

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  1. This is not suprising seeing as Google purchased Dmarc Broadcasting earlier this year or the end of last year. DMarc owns Scott Studios, the most widely used Radio Automation system in the world, which has a plugin that allows stations to have commercials downloaded to their automation which cost them nothing to produce, and actually get paid while someone else does all the work. (i.e. sales, production departments, air-talent, etc don't have any time invested).


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