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July 28, 2006

Google Checkout Update Soon

Google Checkout seems to have some problems. Kirby Witmer complained about them...

I placed an order with on July 7, 2006. No problem, very slick. I received an e-mail from both Google and thanking me for my order. Days came and went, and I kept checking the status of the order and always it said “In progress”. It was an in-stock item as far as I know, and has always been very prompt in my experiences with them, so this was strange. So finally, on July 11th I sent an e-mail using the send message to seller wizard in Google Checkout. No response. Not even an automated reply.

... and got a lot of presents from Google (USB sticks, mouse, pens and many other promotional materials).

Someone from Google Checkout promises on Google Groups that the service will be improved and updated soon:

Hi everyone,

Things have been very busy here at Google Checkout and we're excited
about all the interest.

The first thing I'd like to talk about is orders in "Reviewing." I know
there's frustration about the delays due to the order review process.
So you understand the background here, Google Checkout is committed to
fighting fraud and minimizing the risk that both buyers and sellers
face when processing transactions over the internet. At times it may
seem we are overly cautious, especially when an order from someone you
know personally is being held up. We are working as fast as possible to
fix this issue. The good news is that we have some upcoming changes
which will both speed up the review process and make it more effective
at filtering out the bad guys.


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