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July 31, 2006

YubNub - Online Command-line

I wrote in Google as a Command-Line that "a single search box can be more powerful than more disparate search boxes". YubNub is an online command-line that have everything a Linux junkie would want: man for each command (manual), ls (a list of all the commands), parameters, the ability to create a new command. "But what's a command?", you'll ask me. A command can be anything: a search with Google, weather information, view source of a web page, go to an entry in the PHP manual, find who owns a domain and a lot more.

YubNub translates a URL like
into a simple command: whois

It's easier to use a command like this instead of keeping bookmarks or searching using Google. Many browsers include the ability to create shortcuts for search engines, but YubNub brings this approach to a new level. You can invoke a command multiple times by typing one line.

multi gim rose ginger searches Google Images for rose and ginger and shows the results in two frames so it's easy to compare them.

Type guess le vieux caffe to find the language of an expression (in this case French).

There is a big list of commands: here are just a few and everyone has a man entry, so you can find a description, parameters info and other details.

YubNub transforms any useful service into an alias, an easy to remember command, so you can keep your old-fashioned habits on the web. May the command-line force be with you!


  1. That's a really cool website - thanks for sharing!

    I've tried something similar in the past, and it's not easy.

    Excellent blog by the way :)

  2. Dude that is an awesome find! I run linux and am so use to this stuff.

    Now I just gotta learn the commands.


  3. Err.. ls doesnt list all the commands on Linux/Mac... It lists all the files in the current directory.

    Unless my Linux and Mac distribution is odd and makes its own rules, and for years ls has been misused up until YubNub showed us the real use...

  4. I know what ls does in Linux, but it's a pretty close approximation and it's shorter than help or info.

  5. "but it's a pretty close approximation"

    What? Im closer to Uranus than YubNub's LS is to Linux's LS.

    I dont think you know what your going on about. Blogo.

  6. You don't see the forest for the trees.

    ls /bin/

  7. First off, if this was an attempt to "show" you know what your talking about, then you've failed:

    "ls /bin/"

    I take it you've never used Linux or Mac? No? I thought so. You cant just type ls {directory}. You have to use this other command called cd, no, not compact disc, but change directory.

    You must navigate to the directory you wish to check the files using cd, then, only when your in the directory itself or the parent directory, can you use ls. you can only type ls {directory} when the directory your typing is inside the current directory.

    I hope my quickie tutorial has helped you progress within Linux and Mac.

    "You don't see the forest for the trees."


  8. I've used Linux.

    ls is similar to dir from DOS, so everyone knows what you're saying. You need to use cd if you have relative paths. If you use absolute paths (like /bin), there's no need for that.

    I typed that command to show you the equivalent for YubNub's ls (list all the commands). I'm not saying they are the same thing, so if you have a problem with that, contact the author of the site.

    You don't see the forest for the trees. And that's the truth: I showed you an interesting site and you start to perorate on ls.

  9. I take it you've never used Linux or Mac? No? I thought so. You cant just type ls {directory}. You have to use this other command called cd, no, not compact disc, but change directory.

    In Aotearoa, we call a person like this a "munter". What's the term in your local district?

    ls /bin/ *gasp* - surely not!

    If he were such a Super Computer User, he would have tried this command and learned something before posting.

    If he weren't such an idiot, he wouldn't be destined to spend a good chunk of the rest of his life typing 'cd' to relocate his az around the filesystem just to look in a directory. Oh dear.

    Feeling superior because you found the "New Terminal" button, Mr Anonymous?

    He can't see the forest for the log in his eye.

  10. hahaha - this is great!

  11. >clear

    >echo "[]: Great... excellent... if this idea could be merged into [], and [] capacities added to it, we would have (maybe) the 1st version of a Web Operating System, that is an operating system *really* running on the web..."


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