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July 13, 2006

Apple and Google Have the Most Loyal Users

MacNN reports that three studies conducted last year confirm that Apple, Google and Symantec are the high-tech companies with the most loyal customers.

"Apple, whose score far outranks its closest competitor, is well known for its passionate and dedicated customer base. Google's high Net Promoter Score establishes it as a clear leader in the emerging market of online services, with corresponding strong performance in share price," says Dr. Laura Brooks, vicepresident of Satmetrix Systems, the institute that conducted the studies.

Apple and Google are similar in many ways: simplicity, innovation, listening to their users. An interesting comment about Mac users:

"When we buy a Mac it is not just buying a computer. It's like contributing to a cause that we back up and support. To integrate computers around our lives and not the other way around. [...] Mac users even recognize each other miles away. Apple has a culture, a language, and a fashion."


  1. we, the google people, are practical and appreciate something that is simple and useful.

    Apple people are somewhat different. They desperately look for ways to distinguish themselves: They are these kind of snobs that uses to buy PCs with the same feeling than others buy jewels or exclusive designs and simulate delight looking at a piece o shith in the wall of a modern art museum. The practical side is far from their thinking. At most, a piece designed for the ease of use is for them another sign of distinction because to buy it talks about how intelligent the apple user is on buying apple.

  2. I'd agree with Memetic. People use google repeatedly because it returns, generally, accurated and releveant results, on a clean uncluttered display, unlike over search providers.

    I do get the feeling that Apple users are simply trying to buy a symbol or a status.

    I mean, "contributing to a cause that we back up and support". Oh please...
    and my favourite, "Apple has a culture, a language, and a fashion".
    I really really doubt it, but regardless, Apple users (of the type mentioned, not those who simply buy them out of practicality) created the culture, created the fashion, or moreso they're living in their own little fantasy world...

  3. Not necessarily! I use Macs because they're pretty :)

  4. yes, Pretty is also defined by the culture

  5. Now come on, yes some people use Macs just to be "Snobbish" but they are...wankers.

    I (and this goes for most mac users) use a mac beacause each part of the operating system is integrated with every other part. It is alot more reliable than windows (i use windows as well so I know)

    Apple is often alot more inovetive than Microsoft, you can see this by the fact that many fetures in Vista have been with Mac OS for years. I use a 5 year old mac which can run the latest OS perfectly. Could you run Vista on a 5 year old PC?

  6. I love Mac's design, I even put a Mac OSX skin on top of my XP and it looks classy.

  7. Googles online services do it for me:-
    Personalised Homepage - Gmail - Bookmarks - Notebook - Google Page Creator - Google Maps - Should I carry on ?
    I can access anything I want on the internet from any PC (Mac or Windows !), or Pocket PC.
    I can't wait for a Google OS ?

  8. all you guys who think mac users are a bunch of snobs have NO IDEA what you are talking about. The same reason you keep going back to google is the exact same reason we keep going back to Apple. SImpe, easy to use, eligant and we are willing to pay the extra money for it instead of using some cheap a** PC that wont be alive in 2 years much less be able to run anything that comes out by then.

    Yes Apple is a symbol, status and has a Culture, a language and yes it is fashion to a degree. But so what?? Isn't that what you do to products you love? Shouldn't computers be something besides big dull boxes or do you want to use ugly pieces of s***t all your life? Your damn right its all those things listed and we are very VERY proud of what we have turned Apple into in the past 6 years or so. Back then you people wouldn't even have cared to write this article or do the mentioned survey.

    Just because you dont like Apple doesn't mean that we Mac fans dont actually believe all those things that are in this article. How can you call our beliefs false or say that we just think these things because of group mentality? Your not me, your not any one else besides your self if you haven't realized it yet, so if you dont like a company thats fine, say that you dont like their products because you find them ugly or un easy to use or something reasonable. But dont get off trying to tell us what we believe is wrong.

  9. My PC is not ugly, I built it myself to my specs. I hand selected every single component down to the cables.

    Has any MAC user had the joy of building their own dream machine?

    There are so many apps to manipulate the Windows GUI that I don't need a MAC for ease of use. I can customize practically anything on my PC. Not to mention utilize pretty much every piece of software/game that gets developed.

    Also, I second the desire for a Google OS.

  10. Wow where to start. those videos i guess. wow that looks cool, can i see how well Battlefield 2 plays on that? No? Oh that's, Mac's don't do games. At least not most games.

    as for the needing a new PC every 2 years. its an unfortunate byproduct of having a software environment that is constantly challenging hardware to become better. While i am impressed that you're software uses the same basic code that it did 10 years ago, change can sometimes be good. (here i know someone will comment about how it doesn't need to change because it was designed well to begin with. well congratulations, but while you are busy finding new ways to use old code, windows and *nix users [no i don't count Mac users in the *nix category] are busy trying to invent the NEXT best thing. Instead of riding the "best" thing you call OSX)

    as for windows now incorporating OSX features in to windows. I’ve been doing that for years. (thank you Stardock!) and have been more then happy with the performance.

    I guess being a PC snob is just as bad. But the Rig i built is EXACTLY what i want. no preconfigured systems.(im looking at you apple). no compromises whatsoever.

    Now if you'll excuse me, while i wait for the gOS :-) I have to go pwn some people at 115FPS with the settings all the way up :-)

  11. ehhh Macs do games fine. Just takes a bit longer to be available since they need to get ported from to the mac.

    And if you cant wait, you can always boot into windows.

    The latest iMac is a gaming BEAST thank you very much.


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