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July 21, 2006

Google Base Has Rich-Text Editor

Google Base has added a rich-text editor for the descriptions of individual items. You can also enter any valid HTML code, except for iframes and forms. As the rendering code is similar to Google Pages and Google Notebook, you can copy-paste the description from your site.

Also, the RSS feed for search results has more visibility. Google Base is one of the 6 Google sites that exports search results to feeds, along with Google News, Google Video, Blog Search, Google Bookmarks, Search History.

Google Base is a database of structured information, which is easier to index and rank than regular web pages.

There are two kinds of items you can post on Google Base:
* commercial listings, that expire in 7-30 days (jobs, products, cars, services)
* non-commercial listings, that don't expire (articles, podcasts, reviews)

Some of the items are listed in Google Search as OneBox results, especially for targeted queries (like [jobs in ny]).

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