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July 20, 2006

Google Video - Link to a Part of the Video

If you want to bookmark or share a long video, there's always the problem that no one will have the patience to watch the whole thing. So it's a good idea to tell when the good part starts (go to the minute 34 for the funny question). Now it's easy to create a direct link to that part of the video.

This is the normal link to the video about Google UI:

This is the link to 18min 12sec:

Just append #, followed by the time (you can use h for hour, m for minute, s for second). It's like an anchor to a certain part of the page.

You can use this to divide a video into more sections (for example, a TV show). Of course, it would be nicer if the video authors could divide long videos into meaningful chunks.

If we're talking about UI, Google Video has been redesigned once again: more sections are featured on the homepage (popular videos, World Cup, music videos, sports, education, movie trailers, TV shows, AOL videos, and - of course - Paris Hilton, who has 4 links to her video, including two consecutive links) and there's a new sidebar on the right that includes the Top 10 videos and some videos from the "Free Today" section.

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  1. This no longer seems to work. Even the link above does not take the user to the designated point of the video, 18 minutes, 12 seconds into the video.


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