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July 24, 2006

Better Search in Google Notebook

I don't use Google Notebook too much (I prefer text files), but I've noticed that this small tool has improved the search feature. If you had searched your notebooks until now, you would've found only the notebooks that contain your search terms. Now you can find all the notes that match your keywords.

It would be more useful if you could see the highlighted keywords in the notebook too and if the search allowed advanced operators. When it was launched, Google Notebook didn't have a search feature for public notebooks.

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  1. Hey, what did you mean when you said you prefer "text files"? Is that another program or do you literally mean you prefer saving clips of information in notepad text files?


  2. I use Notepad2, an enhanced Notepad, to copy-paste text from the browser. I can edit the text faster and use advanced find-and-replace.

  3. I tried Notepad2, but I like Notepad++ so much better.

  4. Google notebook is good if you also want to share your internet research with someone, but i also prefer text files using the aproach described below:

    Jedit + Explicit Folding + Outline Plug-in

    I got a bunch of plain text files on a directory searchable using Jedit's hypersearch feature. The outline parser plug-in offers a dockable tree view of the explicit or indent folding structured text.
    Other useful plug-ins are SuperAbrevs (folding header templates), CandyFolds (folding visualization) and more. Easy data syncronization with rsync (its just plain text files).

  5. I forgot, for the Jedit approach i've found the makelink firefox extension indispensable:
    Soylent Red | Make Link


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