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July 10, 2006

10 Effortless Ways For Google To Get Attention

What can Google do to make everyone talk about Google? It can launch a product, have a press release, hire someone famous, or do something much simpler, that will guarantee one or two days of blog discussions, Digg comments and Slashdot declamatory opinions:

1. Create a new entry in robots.txt. Garrett Rogers will notice that.

2. Post a blog entry and remove it in a couple of minutes. Some Bloglines users will notice it and spread the word.

3. Buy a new domain, something like I can see the blog titles: "Google Travel - Sky is the Limit".

4. Add a comment in Google Video's code about global warming. There's always someone checking the latest version of the code.

5. Change the arrows from the navigation of Google search.

6. Push a new design for a small number of users.

7. Put a strange link at the bottom of Google News. The link will go to a secret Google project.

8. Let Google's Eric Case create a new blog on BlogSpot: and link it from his profile.

9. Change the font of the top message from Google Cache.

10. Remove the beta label from a product like Google Toolbar 4.


  1. 11. Use hidden comments in a PowerPoint presentation. Publish the presentation online.

    12. Use a new JavaScript function detailing an upcoming feature. Disable the function, but publish it.

    13. On press day, upload all slides in the beginning so curious researchers can find them by appending numbers, like ...slide31.

    14. Use vacation auto-replies for Google employees announcing strange new projects. When you email a random Googler you get something like, "I'm currently surfing in Australia. If there is anything urgent about the Google Brainchip project, please contact ..."

  2. LOL, number 14 is the best. Is this a real case?

  3. Philipp's examples, like most of my suggestions, come from real situations.

    For #14 -> GDrive leak:

    "I've emailed the Google employee named in the source, and his vacation auto-reply says that for Platypus issues, David Braginsky ought to be contacted."


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