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July 18, 2006

Firefox Myths Buster

There are many people that think Firefox is the perfect browser. This site explains some of the Firefox myths and gives answers, mostly from official sources. While some claims are inaccurate or biased (like "The security of any browser is irrelevant to if it is part of the operating system", "ActiveX gets a bad rap as the cause of all of Internet Explorer's security woes. But it's just not so"), I think it's an interesting read.

Firefox has lower system requirements than Internet Explorer 6 - false
Firefox is the fastest web browser - false
Firefox is the most secure web browser - false
Firefox's memory leak is a bug - false

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  1. That's well known site which is largely at troll. A quick search of MozillaZine's forums gives this thread as probably the best discussion

  2. system requirements? the diffrences are so small
    No one ever says FF is the fastest, Opera claims the fastest.
    At least more secured than IE 6
    Which application's memory leak is NOT a bug?

  3. Only prob with firefox is when you first boot the thing up. My cup of coffee is cold (even though I never put hot water in it) before firefox even thinks about starting itself up.

    Even so, I dont complain (whoops, just did...) because I get a massive amount of features ... for free.
    And because its free and open-source, I get to use the same browser across all my machines which each have a different os which is better than using multiple browsers for each os; for one, you get used to just one layout so you dont have to re-learn how to use something each time you want to look at whats in the news, and two, you can share bookmarks and tabs between the machines if you use Google's Browser Sync.

    All in all, I prefer firefox than any other browser.

    And from my web developer experience, it parses thing correctly and doesnt make its own little rule book (IE...) and follows the W3C standards.

    If only every browser was like firefox, but better.

  4. Read it before. Many interesting points, but unfortunately some are out-of-date or just plain wrong.

  5. "Read it before. Many interesting points, but unfortunately some are out-of-date or just plain wrong."

    correct, most points are correct.
    OK, the "OS Integration Security" point is partielly correct and partielly incorrect, it has not enought details! -> For some security problems, the integration is irrelevant like the phishing filter other browsers does have/ get it TOO) , but some security problems exist only, with integrated browsers, BUT only when they are DEEP integrated and used by the SYSTEM (like the WinXP-IE7 "URI BUG" -> only Applications (ALL) on a system running WinXP with IE7 were affected, until these applications are not updated or constructed to block it)
    BUT if the browser is only installed by default in your OperatingSystem folders, so that you are able to delete it without affecting the system, it is not more insecure as a browser installed by user (aimed on integration, not browser usage statistics and used technology)).

    FireFox rearly seems to be a religion (not for all FF-users, but) for FIREFOX-FANBOYS, I have read verrrrry mutch FireFox Propaganda on FireFox USER pages including "FireFox is the fastest of all browsers (I do NOT mean the page) !!!!!!


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