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July 9, 2006

Not Every End Is The Goal

"Not every end is the goal. The end of a melody is not its goal, and yet if a melody has not reached its end, it has not reached its goal." (Nietzsche)

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  1. A classless act from someone I'd expect better of. I guess he is french after all.

  2. He did it for a reason... He is human and was provoked... why wasnt anything done to the italian for holding Zidane and sledging at him ? Is somebody supposed to put up with abuse all the time ? Can somebody who is not cool-headed score a penalty like he did in the 7th minute ? There should be a fairer way of playing football based on skills and not on intimidation.

  3. Forza Italia
    I'm an Juventus supporters and Zidane allways use this method.
    Sorry for my bad english...
    Forza Italia

  4. Come on people , I think that it is clear
    that what he did was for a reason . Every man has his limits and of cause we are all human. It might have been stupid but he felt he was giving what was earned.

  5. Zidane was under pain since his injury. He had been constantly struck by footballless azzurri during all the game. Not an excuse, too, but when there will be a logical separation between calcio and football, Italy and Argentina will play alone.

  6. Nietzsche, "Will to Power"...

    1067 (1885)
    ...This world is the will to power--and nothing besides! And you yourselves are also this will to power--and nothing besides!

    858 (Nov. 1887-March 1888)
    What determines your rank is the quantum of power you are: the rest is cowardice.


  7. There is an idiotic game on Corriere della Sera about the incident.

  8. "A classless act from someone I'd expect better of. I guess he is french after all."

    "He´s an arrogant asshole like so many French are."

    You guys are talking about class and arrogance? It is exactly comments like that they can almost excuse Zidane's actions. What do you think De Rossi would do if some one were to call him a "dirty whop"? All McBride was doing was trying to get the ball and he needed three stitches.

    "I'm an Juventus supporters and Zidane allways use this method."

    And what about when Materazzi got a two-month suspension for punching Bruno Cirillo? Yeah, let's judge Zidane because Materazzi is clearly a guy of outstanding sportmanship and class.

    This kind of poor sportsmanship (especially from the winners) bugs the piss out of me. Zidane was wrong, he got a red card, Italy won. The. End.


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