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July 20, 2006

Google Accessible Search

Google has released a new version of their search engine, more accessible for blind people and visually impaired, reports ZDNet. Google Accessible Search, available at ranks higher the pages easier to digest, that have few visual distractions and work well with text-to-speech plug-ins. The page doesn't have ads, images, JavaScript or other new features like OneBox results.

"If you are listening to the page (via screen reader software), a lot of information can prevent you from finding what you are looking for," says T.V. Raman, who works for Google Accessible Search.

The new service is also useful for webmasters to test how accessible are their sites. As you can see, is not accessible enough to rank high when searching for "Google" (see the screenshot) - is ranked #73. That means, the results are more accessible, but also less relevant. At least, for now.

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  1. It sure has taken them a long time to build this!

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  2. If you're wondering about the logo, it contains the special Braille logo created by Google to celebrate the birthday of Louis Braille.


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