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July 16, 2006

Preloadr - Online Image Editor

Preloadr is a simple image editing web application that works with your Flickr account. Using the Flickr API, Preloadr imports your images and lets you apply effects like: sharpening, color correction, blur, auto contrast, granulation or grayscale transformation. You can also rotate the picture, crop it, apply a zoom factor, change opacity, add text. You can create and manage layers, set basic properties, enable or disable them. It's nice that you have undo /redo options at every step and the filters are applied pretty fast. After finishing processing the photo, you can save it as a new image in your Flickr account or replace the original image if you have a Flickr Pro account.

All in all, you won't find advanced Adobe Photoshop options and tools (or Gimp if you want a free Photoshop), but Preloadr is a great way to retouch your photos online.

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  1. I usually check regularly at the flickr tools collection for new third party tools.

  2. How about
    Played with it a bit, seems good.

  3. Anyone tried Picnik yet? It looks like they are looking for beta testers:

  4. I got an invitation, but the link from the mail just sends me to the homepage. For the curios:

    "What is Picnik?

    Picnik lets you edit ALL your Flickr photos with powerful but easy tools. Think of it as "90% of what most people would use in Photoshop at 10% of the effort/time." And just as importantly, Picnik easily imports/exports photos from your Flickr account seamlessly, all from within your web browser without installing any software.

    It's the concept of "great pictures, anywhere". You access and edit ALL your online photos from ONE easy place. Open your browser, and it just works."

  5. doesn't support image transparency.


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