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July 27, 2006

Webzari - Visual Site Explorer

Webzari is a way to see the most important web pages that link to a site and the most important pages from a site. Webzari has been created by Yahoo Korea and it's a visual version of Yahoo's Site Explorer. The Flash represents each page as a planet: the bigger is the planet, the more important is the page. The yellow planets are sites from Korea, the purple planets are international. If you click on a planet, you can either visit the site or focus on that site.

It's important to note that the data is not very accurate: I couldn't find many important sites in Yahoo's list of backlinks, but you can discover many interesting sites along the way.

Webzari has loud sounds. If you want to mute them and other Flash content, you can use Flash Mute. Language is not a barrier to use the site.

{ Via Yahoo Search Blog. }

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  1. I thought that was totally cool when I saw it today and almost posted about it myself. Glad you did! It's awesome!


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