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July 29, 2006

Vista's Speech Recognition Demo (Video)

Via Slashdot, this video shows a demo of Windows Vista's improved speech recognition capabilities. As Microsoft says, "speech Recognition in Windows Vista empowers you to interact with your computer by voice. It allows you to significantly limit your use of mouse and keyboard while maintaining or increasing productivity. You can dictate documents and e-mail messages in mainstream applications, fill out forms on the web using voice commands, and seamlessly manage Windows Vista and applications by saying what you see."


  1. Microsoft gives an explanation for the problem: the microphone's volume was very high.

  2. They can give as many excuses as they want, but the product has to "just work".

    Too many variables (ambient noise, mic's too high, can't recognize slurred speech) means a lot of room for error, and in the end a feature people will call cute and never use.

    I'm a big fan of voice recognition, but it's another example of a technology that needs to be perfect or not at all.

  3. "it's another example of a technology that needs to be perfect or not at all"

    Yea my daughter who lost her arms agrees with you. She would rather sit around doing nothing all day.

  4. Daughter who lost her arms?

    As fake as that was, it's a zinger!

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