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July 31, 2006

July Recap: Improving Existing Products

This month Google didn't release too many products and focused on improving existing ones: Google Talk has the most requested features (file transfer and voicemail), Gmail lets you delete all spam and empty the trash, AdWords shows statistics for invalid clicks. Google Video adds new features and redesigns every month hoping to keep up with YouTube's growth. Google wants to attract more developers on its side and created a repository for open-source code. But this features are small compared to what we are about to see: GDrive, Google Office, improved Google Translate, Mobile Marketplace and many others. Is this the quiet before the storm?


Google Accessible Search
Open-source project hosting (not yet Sourceforge)


Gmail has new features: select all spam, apply filters to old mail and select every mail from a search
Google Maps improves zoom
Google Video has international versions
Link to a specific part of a Google Video
Updated OneBox for Google Local
Live traffic information on Google Maps Mobile
Google Talk adds voicemail and file transfer


Google is more open about click-fraud
AdSense for Radio coming soon


Internal GDrive homepage leaked
More unreleased services
Google design experiments recap (another homepage design)

Words and numbers

Google is officially an English word
Search numbers are OK,
financial results are great,
numbers for the other services are not OK.

Product of the month: Google Video.

Most popular original article: If Google didn't exist.


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