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July 17, 2006

3D Search - Real-time Travel Guide

GeoVector, a company specialized in pointing based search solutions, has created a new technology for mobile phones: 3D search. Using a GPS sensor, you just have to point to a building or a sight, and the search engine will give information about your point of interest. The system is useful if you visit a city and you want to know more about the things around you.

"This innovative new technology allows users to obtain information by selecting objects on a map displayed in 3D on the screen of their mobile phone. This 3D map, generated via GPS technology and a built-in compass, creates an intuitive means for the user to interact with the world around them."

Here's an example of 3D search in action.

{ From SEW. }


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  2. That is simply unbelievable! When i wanted to go to a foreign country back in the day, the only thing i had to accompany me was a small map and perhaps a travel book. These days the options are simply limitless, especially after reading about the 3D technology.


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