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July 10, 2006 - 1GB Of Free Online Storage is a service that allows you to have 1GB of free online storage without ads. You can have 5GB for $5 a month or 15GB for $10 month. The only limitations of the free account are:
* no public sharing. You can share files only with other users. You don't get a public direct link to your files, only a placeholder page.
* 10MB file size limit.
* no phone support. has a simple interface, works from most browsers, lets you upload multiple files at once and synchronizes your files. You can use a SSL connection to secure your transfers. Files can have tags and can be searched by name.

You can use the online storage from or from Goowy, a "web operating system" that features a mail client, IM, RSS reader and a slick calendar. Netvibes and other personalized homepages also let you access your files. has even a Firefox extension.

GDrive homepage accidentally public


  1. I just recently discovered this over at With the help of these two "How-to" I was able to create a desktop drive for my mac and Windows machines.



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  3. PUBLIC SHARING is possible weeks ago, although box tells you that you need to be a premium user.

    try it, it's true, links work for anyone WITHOUT being registered

  4. Hey, take a look at another service called IBackup for Windows. IBackup for Windows can perform backups of your critical files to your online backup account from Windows desktops, laptops and servers. With IBackup for Windows version 9.4.7 or higher, you can backup open files like Outlook files (.pst), QuickBooks, Quicken, ACT, MS-Money, MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Access, MS FoxPro etc.

    With IBackup for Windows perform incremental and compressed backups that do not clog your network bandwidth. All backups and restores with IBackup are secure with the highest level of 128-bit SSL encryption on transmission. IBackup also supports backups for UNIX and Linux based computers using rsync, the open source utility. There is no limits on downloads when you use IBackup to backup your data. None other than PC World has recently rated IBackup as the `best all-around backup service’ in a recent review of online backup services.

    IBackup for Windows has a simple Windows like interface and it’s very easy to backup/ restore and even schedule backups and restores. You can maintain the directory path of the files by using the `Mirror option.’ Also view the history of data stored for the last ten days with the Snapshots option. Share data with Webmanager by creating sharable links and sending them to your partners, friends and collaborators, unlike

    IBackup’s Webmanager has a unique feature called `Private Share’ with which you can share data with another IBackup user. Even though the user with whom you share data with can change the shared data, you can disable `private share’ anytime you want. IDrive can be used to map the IBackup online storage account as a local drive on the PC and the data in it can be used to edited and even drag-and-dropped to a destination of your choice . Their IDrive Multimedia is an Internet hard drive designed for using multimedia. All you need to do is to move all your multimedia files to the IBackup online account and create playlists and then play them. Streaming is instantaneous.

    Unlike, IBackup’s technical support is available 24/7 throughout the year. What more do you need with a backup service?

  5. I am very happy with Data Deposit Box for my online backup. It is way more powerful then and a lot easier to use than ibackup. The pricing is very inexpensive and they will return phone calls!

  6. I can remeber 5 years ago there have been equal ideas! it was calles xoom or so...

  7. Hi, take a look at another service called DriveHQ ( site can let me manage my files using FTP,Web and his client software,and I can make a website in my storage folder.
    Their client software blows away any other client software, even my beloved CuteFTP is no match is performance and simplicity. I now also use WWWBackup software to have backed up whole My Documents folder, 5GB, no glitches, isn’t it amazing?

  8. I recently discovered Memopal ( that offers 5GB free. For now 250 GB free (beta version). For the invitation i asked the contacts in the website.

  9. Check out They offer 5GB free online storage, online backup, unattended operation, AES 128-bit encryption, public and private sharing, and file linking (both direct links and html pages). Their private sharing lets you share your links and control who can open them.

  10. As long as the free online storage has suitable levels of SSL Encryption (preferably 256bit), then I have no issue with free online storage. I believe Microsoft have tried this with MESH beta, but this has been riddled with issues. Otherwise DropBox provides a good service (although this is a paid service too), but it is always interesting to hear about these new developments through the grapevine.


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