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July 20, 2006

Plain Old Google Search

I was complaining earlier that Google homepage has too many links. Cristian Mezei found the perfect solution - a Google page that has:

* no links for Images, Maps, Groups, News, Video
* no links for account settings, account history
* no ads
* no Google Oneboxes
* no spelling suggestions
* no related queries
* no number of results
* no definitions
* no cached links
* no advanced search, preferences
* no tracking: the URLs of the search results are direct links, not redirects

Just plain old Google. Don't be fooled by the "Search our site" buttons or "Searched About Google pages for..." message. This page searches the entire web, but it was meant to search only the domain.

Here is the secret link: Plain Old Google. Or just add &output=googleabout at the end of any Google search URL.


  1. Unfortunately this is not a normal web search, it prefers Google content. Try searching for [g] or [google blog] and compare results from this search with normal Google search -- in the normal Google search, you'll get much more variety.

  2. It's the normal Google search. Cristian's link had a restriction to

  3. Did Cristian change his post (his link) or is my mind playing tricks on me? :)

  4. yeah Philipp .. I changed the URL of that simple search, and removed some part of it, so that it searches not only in Google pages :)

  5. Err... Kind of pointless...

  6. I just got a new gmail account and now my e-mail address is plastered on the Google search page and many use the same computer and I do not want everyone to see my address. I went to my gmail on another computer and now my e-mail address is permanently on his Google search page too. How do we get it off? I thought that we could access e-mail from any computer, but not if it leaves my address on the front page every time.

  7. Log out after you read your mail. Or use other Google domains:

    * (if you're not in the UK)

    * direct IPs for Google data centers, like

    * the page from this post

    Other idea: use one browser (for example, Internet Explorer) to open Gmail and another browser (e.g.: Firefox) to search.

    There may be Greasemonkey scripts that hide the address but they work mostly in Firefox and you must install them in every computer.

  8. I greatly dislike the new do I get the old one back so it stays...HELP!!!


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